Original 1943 Dated British Army 1937 Pattern Entrenching Tool

Original 1943 Dated British Army 1937 Pattern Entrenching Tool

Code: 51039


An original WW2 British Army Entrenching Tool consisting of a 1943 dated webbing pouch and a 1944 dated head.

This pattern of webbing carrier was introduced in 1941 when it became clear that the 'german style' spade originally designed as part of the 1937 webbing was impractical. The kidney shape pouch is virtually unchanged from the 1908 pattern but has loops added to the front to take the wooden helve. The helve in this case is the MKII which has a metal adaptor which takes the No.4 bayonet and came into issue in 1944.

The metal pick/spade head is the standard '08 pattern used throughout the war and is maker marked 'PERKS' who were a prolific manufacturer of this item. It also bares the 1944 date and the War Department broad arrow marking.

The webbing carrier is a fine example which is beautifully marked inside 'MECO 1943' and bares the War Department broad arrow marking as well as an inspectors stamped surmounted by the number 5. The manufactures marking and date are extremely good and the exterior is also reasonably clean with only slight signs of age and use.

Altogether a fine example which would make a great addition to any collection with a doubt!