Original 1943 Dated Australian Made Puttees

Original 1943 Dated Australian Made Puttees

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An original pair of 1943 dated Australian made short puttees as worn Throughout the Second World War.

This short style of puttees is very similar to the longer pattern used during the Great War and Inter-war period with the main difference being that they are shorter in length. They are made from a serge wool and feature a khaki tape which is used to secure them.

Puttees saw widespread issue in both the Middle East and Far East theatres of war but were also used by other units such as the SAS in North West Europe.

This particular pair are Australian made and both retain their original labels which bear the 1943 date as well as the words 'Made in Australia'.

The condition appears to be good and consummate with their age. They display well but may have small flaws commensurate with age. 

A nice original set with clear dates.