1944 Dated Commando Bergen

1944 Dated Commando Bergen

Code: 50287


An excellent example of the second pattern Commando Bergen as used on D-Day, clearly dated 1944.

The bag section of this item is made from dark green waterproof canvas as opposed to the first pattern which was made from a light tan material. Interestingly, like the first pattern bergens, this example has the two webbing straps which run around the circumference of the bag towards the top, which can just be seen below the main flap.

Inside the Bergen is dated 1944, although it has faded somewhat over time. The black metal frame is also clearly dated 1944 and bares a War Department broad arrow mark, so is almost certainly the original frame for the bag.

Underneath the bag both of the thin webbing straps which are often missing are still intact and in good condition. The webbing tabs which secure the pockets are also all intact and work fine and all the leather work on the bag is in fine condition.

Inside the main flap is a brass zip which still works well.

The condition of the Bergen is excellent as can be seen in the photographs. The only slight issue is a few black marks to one of the side pockets, but this looks like it would be possible to remove with some time and care.

All in all, an excellent and very original example of a Commando Bergen clearly dated 1944. It would undoubtedly look fantastic in any WW2 display.