Rare Original 1937/8 Dated Warrant Officers Service Dress Tunic

Rare Original 1937/8 Dated Warrant Officers Service Dress Tunic

Code: 51061


A scarce original inter-war example of a British Army Warrant Officers tunic in good condition and dated 1937/8.

This rare tunic is made from a high quality khaki green whipcord and features a stand and fall collar which has been stitched down for smartness, pleated chest pockets with scalloped pocket flaps, lower bellows pockets and a cavalry cuff. Apart from the insignia the tunic looks very much like a pre Great War tunic in cut and material.

What is particularly nice about this tunic is that all the brass parts match very well and all have the same patina. There is no doubt in my mind that this tunic has always been together and has not been altered in later years. A good example of this is how the Royal Artillery brass 'RA' badges are fitted. There are only two holes on each epaulet and they have been hand sewn specifically to fit these badges. The tunic has never been fitted with any other insignia and is therefore a genuine un-touched example. The same can be said of the collar badges.

The original label is still present and is extremely clear. It has very specific information pertaining to fit, especially when compared to regular issue items. As well as this it 'Jacket S.D' with ' W.O. Class. 1' which appears to be a later addition. It is again marked this time with 'Garrison Adjutant' which is an interesting addition. The manufactures name 'The Rego Clothiers LTD' is marked along the bottom as is the curious date of 1937/8. The Rego Clothiers were a prolific manufacturer of uniforms for the British during the pre-war and early war period.

The overall condition of the tunic is good and it displays well. The lining appear clean with no serious signs of wear or use. The exterior is tidy but does have a few light moth tracks and some holes. I have attempted to detail these as best I can in the pictures so please take time to study them.

All in all, a rare early example of this pattern of tunic. The label makes this a fantastic collectable in its own right and it is certainly a must have for the serious BEF or early WW2 collector.