Original WW2 Canadian Tam O'Shanter - Size 6 3/4

Original WW2 Canadian Tam O'Shanter - Size 6 3/4

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An original Canadian made Tam O'Shanter cap dating from the Second World War and in a size 6 3/4.

This pattern of cap was worn by a variety of Canadian regiments during the Second World War in a variety of theatres of war. It is of the same design as the Tam O'Shanters worn by Scottish units during the same period but is made of a greener khaki serge than British made examples. The cap features a drawstring to the rear which is fastened in a bow and a woolen ball, or 'Toorie' is fitted to the top of the crown. 

Inside the cap the original markings are present and are still bright and legible. The maker's name of 'Buffalo cap and neckwear ltd, Winnipeg, Canada' is present as is the date and the size of 6 3/4. The date is hard to read but looks like it is 1943.

The cap is in excellent condition with only limited signs of age and wear. It displays extremely well as can be seen in the pictures. 

Avery nice example which would be hard to better in many ways.