Original WW2 British Khaki Drill Tunic

Original WW2 British Khaki Drill Tunic

Code: 50962


An original WW2 period British Officers Khaki Drill tunic with short sleeves.

This pattern of tunic is typical of these made during the Second World War. It is made from a khaki drill fabric, features removable buttons and scalloped pockets making it ideal for an RAF impression. Interestingly the tunic has been fitted with revolving shank buttons as fitted to workwear and denim battledress of the period. It is possible that an officer may use these instead of brass regimental buttons for a number of reasons.

The tunic features extra holes for the provision of fitting shoulder boards to display rank. There are two more hand stitched button holes above the left breast pocket. I am not entirely sure what these are for but it could be to display a badge, possibly an RAF Aircrew brevet or similar. This would tie in with the scalloped pockets.

The tunic is a small size and will fit someone of around a 36” chest. When laid flat the jacket measures -

Chest - 18 1/2”
Shoulders - 17”
Length at back - 33”

The condition of the tunic is good with no signs of excessive wear, laundering or use. It is however a 70+ year old item so may have issues consummate with this. Generally speaking it displays very well.

A nice original tunic which would suit the re-enactor and collector equally.