Original WW2 British Khaki Drill Shirt - Size 4

Original WW2 British Khaki Drill Shirt - Size 4

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An original un-issued British Army Khaki Drill shirt in great condition as used by the British Army, RAF and others during WW2.

This pattern of shirt was used throughout the Second World War but was replaced immediately after the conflict ceased. The shirt features a half button front as opposed to the post-war version which had a full buttoning front and fixed epaulettes.

The shirt has no date stamp that I can find but is a wartime example, dating from around 1941-42. This is based on dated examples I have in my collection which match up well with this one. The maker's name is present inside the collar of the shirt and reads 'Faulat Factory, Belfast' who were a prolific manufacturer of shirts for the British military during this period. The War Department broad arrow stamp follows this and the numeral '4’ finishes the stamp and relates to the size. These stamps are normally missing as they tend to rub off with wear making this a nice collectable piece.

When laid flat the shirt measures -

Chest - 22"
Inside arm - 21"
Outside arm - 23"
Length at front- 31 1/2"
Length at back - 35"
Shoulders - 17 1/2"

The shirt is in very nice condition as can be seen in the photographs. It does not appear to have been worn or issued and displays very well. All the original plastic buttons are intact and the material is still fresh and bright as it would have been out of the factory. It is however a vintage item so may have small issues commensurate with age

All in all this is a very good example of a wartime British Khaki Drill shirt. It is almost a mint example and it is certainly a very good piece and would compliment any British Army collection.