Original WW2 British Army Windproof 'Trousers, Drab'

Original WW2 British Army Windproof 'Trousers, Drab'

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An original pair of 'Trousers, Drab' which were most likely made in 1942. 

These windproof trousers were introduced in 1942 along with the matching smock which was made in the same material. Based on the same design as the denim smock and trousers and produced in two different but similar materials; these examples are made from the mottled coloured 'salt and pepper', lighter weight gabardine fabric. The trousers feature a drawstring waist and a map pocket to the front which fastens with a chocolate brown coloured plastic button - the same as used on battledress. Both the knees and the seat feature reinforcement sections. 

The original label is no longer present but there is a clear outline of where it was originally fitted. The sizes when measured corresponds to a size 2 or 3. 

The trousers are designed to be worn over a uniform so they are cut in a loose manner. The draw string allows the waist to be pulled in and when laid flat they measure - 

Waist - 21 1/2"
Rise - 16 1/2"
Rear rise - 19"
Inside leg - 30 1/2"
Outside leg - 45"
Cuff - 10 1/2"

The overall condition of the trousers is good and they are still very wearable with no serious damage or flaws. There is some staining however which is apparent in the pictures. Overall the trousers are bright and fresh although there are some marks etc. Please take time to study the pictures before purchasing. 

A good original pair of windproof trousers!