Original WW2 British Army Officers Shirt by 'Medico' - Size 16 1/2

Original WW2 British Army Officers Shirt by 'Medico' - Size 16 1/2"

Code: 51234


A fantastic original British Army Officers Shirt dating from the Second World War and made by 'Medico'.

Like so much private purchase officers uniform it is impossible to date this shirt exactly, but it is certainly wartime period. The graphics on the label are typical of those found in shirts of the late 1930s and into the 1940s which would suggest this was made during that period. As well as this the shirt features a half button or 'tunic' front which is typical of the period, being later replaced by the full button front style. The collar is again indicative of the period being a 'spearpoint' shape as was worn by men in the 1930s and 1940s.

Inside the shirt the original label is still present and reads ' Medico Regd, Wash Well Wear Well' and features the collar size as well which is stated as 16 1/2" - a rare and hard to find larger size.

The shirt is in excellent condition and displays very well. There are no serious signs of wear or use with the only flaw I can find being a stain to the rear tail of the shirt, although this is not noticeable when worn or displayed with trousers.

All in all a very nice WW2 period shirt in excellent condition and a hard to find large collar size. This would be ideal for both the collector and the re-enactor without a doubt!