Original WW2 British Army Officers Collarless Shirt + Collars by 'W. M. Anderson & Sons Ltd'

Original WW2 British Army Officers Collarless Shirt + Collars by 'W. M. Anderson & Sons Ltd'

Code: 51418


An original British Army Officers collarless shirt dating from the Second World War complete with two matching collars.

This shirt came with a set of officers belongings all named to Frank R. A. Smith. Smith joined the Royal Artillery just before the outbreak of the Second World War and served for some years including in the tropics. All the items which came from this estate pre date the end of the war so it is unclear if he survived. What is certain is that all his belongs have been left untouched since approximately 1945 before being discovered earlier this year.

This particular shirt is typical of those worn in the early part of WW2 and is essentially unchanged from those of the Great War. Made from a soft khaki wool flannel, the shirt features a half button or 'tunic' front. This style of shirt was popular in the first half of the 20th Century in the UK loosing favour to more fitted full button front shirts in the 1950s.

Inside the shirt the original label is still present and reads 'W. M. Anderson & Sons Ltd, Shirtmakers Edinburgh & Glasgow'. The original owners name has been added in ink and reads 'F.R.A. Smith'. Both collars also bear the same label.

The shirt is a smaller size which will fit around a 38" chest depending on desired fit. When laid flat it measures -

Chest - 23"
Inside arm - 20 1/2"
Outside arm - 23"
Shoulders - 16 1/4"
Collar - 15 1/2"
Length - 36"

The shirt is in good condition for its age and is still very wearable. There are no signs of excessive wear or serious damage although there is some staining to the front as can be seen in the pictures. If this was worn or displayed with a tie as intended however it should cover this flaw.

All in all a nice original British officers shirt which is guaranteed to be wartime. Ideal for the collector and re-enactor alike!