Original WW2 British Army Leather Jerkin

Original WW2 British Army Leather Jerkin

Code: 51306


An original British Army Leather Jerkin dating from the Second World War and in good condition.

This pattern of leather jerkin came into issue with the British Army during the Great War and stayed in service throughout the Second World War and well into the post-war years. This particular example most likely dates from WW2 based on its construction. It is made from numerous pieces of smaller leather which are cut and stitched together rather than large single panels as this reduced on waste. It is a typical wartime austerity measure and makes for a very interesting design of jerkin.

The original label is no longer present inside the jerkin although a clear outline of stitching is visible where it was originally attached and confirms this as a British Army example.

The jerkin is a large size and would most likely have been labelled as a size 3. This size is hard to find today with most surviving examples being either size 1 or size 2. When laid flat it measures -

Chest - 23 1/2"
Shoulders - 20 1/2"
Length - 34"

The jerkin is in reasonable condition for it's age with moderate signs of wear and use. It displays well and still appear to be strong and wearable. The serge blanket lining has a few moth holes and some grazing whilst the leather exterior is good with the only serious issue being a nick to the left shoulder.

Altogether a nice example of a larger size wartime jerkin which displays nicely.