Original WW2 ATS Uniform Grouping to Corporal Jean Bewick

Original WW2 ATS Uniform Grouping to Corporal Jean Bewick

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A stunning original Auxiliary Territorial Service uniform grouping to Corporal Jean Bewick consisting of a 1942 dated tunic, 1943 dated skirt and an original group photograph of Jean and here contemporaries.

Jean Bewick served with the ATS Attached to the Royal Signals and was also a corporal PTI instructor. This is stated on the group photograph and ties in with the brass PTI instructor badge fitted to the uniform above the corporal stripes on the right sleeve.

The jacket is a 1941 Pattern example which was made in July 1942. It features a full set of insignia which is all original to the jacket and includes a set of corporal stripes which have been blanco'd white, ATS Royal Signals Attached Divisional badge, Brass PTI Instructors cross swords badge, ATS shoulder titles, a Royal Signals cap badge above the breast pocket and three Overseas Service Stripes meaning that Jean served abroad during the War. The tunic is complete with its original ATS Coloured lanyard and waist belt.

Inside the tunic is fully lined and the original label is still present, bright and legible. It reads 'Jackets Serge, 1941 Pattern Size No.5' and was made by 'Louis Michaels'. The 1942 date is present as is the War Department broad arrow marking. As well as this a purple issue stamp is visible with the numerals '1943' stamped over the label which denotes the year of issue.

The matching skirt is also the 1941 pattern and made from the same material as the tunic. The top button has been changed for a green plastic economy pattern button which is a nice period alteration. Inside the skirt the single pocket retains its original label which states the year of manufacture as 1943 and bares the War Department broad arrow marking and the size of No.5. As well as this there is a War Department stamp.

The final piece of the grouping is a group photograph which includes Jean whilst at the Army School of Physical Training (A.T.S. Wing), Aldershot in 1944. The rear of the picture bares the names of many of the other women in the photograph and is a lovely addition to this grouping.

The uniform is in fantastic condition and displays very well indeed, as can be seen in the pictures. It is very clean overall with a couple of small flaws including a small hole to the right of the top button of the skirt and a couple of other very small holes. These are only noticeable on close inspection and are to be expected of a 75 year old uniform which has been worn on active service.

This is a brilliant opportunity to acquire a genuine and authentic ATS uniform which was worn during the Second World War. It has some great personal history and is deserving of further research. It would undoubtedly make a fine addition to any collection!