Original Late WW2 British Army Ordinary Ranks Collared Shirt by 'WLB'

Original Late WW2 British Army Ordinary Ranks Collared Shirt by 'WLB'

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A stunning original British Army Ordinary Ranks collared shirt made the Water Lane Brand at the end of the Second World War.

Dress regulations change in late 1944 in the British Army for Ordinary Ranks. Whilst previously they had been issued with collarless shirts to be worn underneath battledress blouses fastened to the top; the new regulations allowed for a collar and tie to be worn with the blouse collar open. Collared shirts went into production at this point whilst some soldiers had detachable collars stitched onto the collarless shirts they already own.

This example was made with with an attached collar and therefore dates from late 1944 at the earliest. It is made from the khaki coloured flannel shirting usually found on issue shirts and features long sleeves with a barrel cuff and a large, typically 1940s spearpoint collar.

Inside the neckband of the shirt some markings are still visible including the War Department broad arrow marking and the letters 'WLB' which denote the manufacturer as Water Lane Brand who were a prolific shirt maker during the period based in Yorkshire. A second stamp is also visible to the tail of the shirt as detailed in the attached pictures.

These tunic front shirts are generously cut across the chest and shoulders but this example is still a small size. When laid flat it measures -

Chest - 21 1/2"
Inside arm - 21"
Outside arm - 23 1/2"
Length - 34"
Shoulders - 16 3/4"

The shirt is in stunning condition with only very limited signs of wear and use. Overall it displays very well and is still very fresh and bright.

A very good example of a late war OR shirt which would be very hard to better!