Original Kings Own Scottish Borderers Officers Tunic

Original Kings Own Scottish Borderers Officers Tunic

Code: 51199


An original Kings Own Scottish Borderers tunic, most likely dating from the Second World War but with some earlier attributes.

This tunic is a cutaway pattern as was used by a variety of Scottish Regiments and features buttons of the Kings Own Scottish Borders. It is made from a khaki green whipcord material an is lined with grosgrain which is typically found in Great War era tunics.

Another indicator to early manufacture is the evidence of the tailors label being in the neck. This is typically found on Great War and inter-war tunics so would suggest this is an early example.

When laid flat the tunic measures -

Chest - 19"
Waist - 16 1/2"
Inside arm - 19"
Outside arm - 25"
Shoulders - 16 3/4"

The jacket is in good condition and displays well. It does however have a stain to the sleeve and a couple of small holes to the rear all of which are visible in the pictures.

All in all a good original KOSB Officers tunic which would make a good addition to any collection.