Original Indian Made 1942 Dated British MT Gauntlets

Original Indian Made 1942 Dated British MT Gauntlets

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An original pair of British Army MT gauntlets which were made in India during the Second World War.

This pattern of gauntlets was produced throughout WW2 and were issued to Motorcyclists, jeep drivers and lorry drivers amongst others. They are often referred to today as 'Dispatch Rider's Gloves' as they are synonymous with DR rider's during the war. 

These examples are quite rare being made in India. The leather, metal fittings and stamps are all typical of Indian made items. Clothing and equipment which was produced in India during the war saw widespread issue with British and Commonwealth troops throughout WW2 - particularly in North Africa, Sicily and Italy as well as in the Far East. This was due to shorter supply lines and would make these ideal for anyone who is specifically interested in any of those campaigns. 

Inside the gloves the original maker's stamps are still present and are typical of those found in India made items. The maker's initials of 'M.S.M.U' are present as is the size of 9 1/2. It appears that one glove is dated 1942 and the other 1943 although this is not uncommon and they are clearly a matched pair.

A nice original pair of theatre made gauntlets with good clear markings.