Original Early WW2 British Army Collarless Shirt by 'L. B. & S.'

Original Early WW2 British Army Collarless Shirt by 'L. B. & S.'

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An original early Second World War British Army Ordinary Ranks collarless shirt by 'L. B. & S.' in good condition.

This rare early shirt belonged to sgnm J.H Wells who served with the Royal Corps of Signals during the Second World War. He was discharged from the army on the 14th of May 1944 meaning that all his surviving items were used or worn by him prior to this date.

The shirt itself is typical of those issued during the Second World War. It came into issue in the interwar period replacing. The earlier ‘grey back’ shirt used in the Great War. Made from a khaki green wool shirting material, it features a half button, or tunic, front which fastens with three buttons. The collar is made of khaki drill whilst the buttons are the white metal type used in the early stages of the Second World War and the same as those used in shirts in the first war.

Inside the collar the original ink stamps have survived. These are often missing from shirts offered on the market today as they have worn off or been washed out. The collar is marked ‘L. B. & S’ who were the manufacturer. A war department broad arrow stamp is also present alongside a couple of other unidentified stamps. There are also two small laundry labels tacked to the collar.

When laid flat the shirt measures at 20 1/2” pit to pit meaning it should be a good fit for a 36-38” chest. The collar measures at 15 1/2” when fastened and the inside sleeve is 21 1/2”.

The condition of the shirt is very good as can be seen in the pictures.

This is a very rare early war shirt with wartime provenance. It would be ideal for someone interested in the British Expeditionary Force as much as Normandy. Undoubtedly this would make an excellent addition to any WW2 collection.