Original Cut-Down 1944 Dated British Army Officer's Field Boots Size 9

Original Cut-Down 1944 Dated British Army Officer's Field Boots Size 9

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An early example of the British officers' double buckle boots dated 1942 which have been cut down into ankle boots. 

This pattern of boot was designed to be worn in place of ankle boots and gaiters by combining the two and was popular with officers in the Normandy Campaign and throughout the rest of the war. They are made from a brown coloured leather which has a pebbled finish. They feature a Moc-Toe which is sometimes referred to as an 'apron front'. 

This particular pair is a very early pair being made in 1942. Most examples found today date from 1944 or later. The original owner clearly decided that he did not like the integral gaiter and cut the boots down into standard ankle boots. The soles are the originals and retain the majority of the original and correct wartime flat pattern cleats. The toe plates are secured with the correct wartime slotted head screws and the metal heel protectors are original period items.

inside the boots are clearly marked with the 1942 date, the size of 9L and the maker's name to the insole.

The boots are in good condition and display very well. There are some signs of wear and age but on the whole they appear to be fairly sound. They are worn and far from perfect but very original. There is a section of the heel missing to the left boot as well as a couple of studs so they are sold as a display piece and would need work if they were potentially going to be worn. Please take time to study the pictures before purchasing and bear in mind that they are a vintage, pre-owned item which may have small flaws commensurate with age. 

A good original pair of wartime officer's boots, nicely marked and in a decent size.