Original British Army Denim Battledress Trousers

Original British Army Denim Battledress Trousers

Code: 51047


An original pair of British Army Denim Battledress trousers as worn during the Second World War and well into the 1950s.

These trousers were used for fatigues and are made from a green denim sanforised cotton, typical of that used for workwear in the mid century period. Based on the serge battledress design, these trousers feature a map pocket to the left leg, a first field dressing pocket to the right hip and slash pockets in the usual place in each side seam. They are cut with a high rise and wide leg as were all men's clothes during this period.

The original label is no longer present so it is impossible to date the accurately. This pattern came into issue during 1942 and stayed in service well into the 1950s. They most likely date from the immediate post-war period.

The trousers are a hard to find larger size and will fit a taller man. The waist measures at 19 1/2" so should fit up to 1 36-37" waist. For an authentic fit it is always better to wear denims a size up as they are designed to be worn over the battledress. Tight fitting denims can look wrong. The inside leg measures at 33" ,making them ideal for someone taller.

The condition of the trousers is good and they are still very wearable. They have had numerous repairs to them as is common to find with vintage workwear pieces. These can be seen in the pictures and certainly add some character!

All in all a nice original pair of trousers which would suit both a collector and re-enactor due to their larger size.