Original British Army 1940 Pattern (Dismounted) Greatcoat - Size 1

Original British Army 1940 Pattern (Dismounted) Greatcoat - Size 1

Code: 50798


An original 1940 Pattern (Dismounted) Greatcoat as used by the British Army during the Second World War.

This example is typical of mid war manufacture featuring a full set of green plastic economy general service buttons. As well as this it features printed economy corporal stripes to each sleeve. The overall effect created is that of a very authentic 1943-44 period greatcoat.

The coat retains its original issue label to the interior which bares the War Department broad arrow mark as well as the 1943 manufacture date and the 1943 issue date in ink below that. The coat was made by 'The Roscoe Clothing Company' and is a size No. 1. Both the rare manufacture and uncommon small size make this a more collectable greatcoat than many others offered on the market.

The overall condition of the greatcoat is very good indeed and this can be seen in the photographs. There are no signs of undue wear or damage and it displays very well. The only flaw I can see is a small hole to the collar. Other than this it is a very clean example.

Altogether this is a very nice greatcoat with excellent wartime economy features which would make a great addition to a serious British Army collection.