Original 1947 Dated British Army Anti Gas Over Trousers

Original 1947 Dated British Army Anti Gas Over Trousers

Code: 53110


A rare pair of early Second World War pattern British Army Anti Gas Over Trousers dated 1947 and in reasonable condition. 

These trousers are made from the same light tan coloured rubber backed cotton which was used for anti-gas capes at the very beginning of the Second World war. Examples of these rubberised gas capes are now very hard to find as are the matching trousers. They feature a drawstring waist which features brass eyelets let into the string to aid with handling when wearing anti-gas gloves. These, along with the rest of the pattern, is identical to those made in the more common linseed proofed material. 

Inside the trousers the original War Department acceptance stamp is still present and is bright and legible. It is surmounted by the letter 'E' which denotes 1947 as the year of issue. The manufacturer's name of 'The Victoria Rubber Co' is also present alongside the size of small, the 1947 date and the War Department broad arrow marking. 

The trousers are in good condition with various signs of wear and use. The material has hardened to a degree but not to a detrimental level. There is some staining etc but overall they display reasonably well. 

A very rare piece of WW2 period British anti-gas clothing which is almost certainly missing from most collections. A must have for the serious collector!