Original 1947 Dated 1946 Pattern British Army Battledress Trousers

Original 1947 Dated 1946 Pattern British Army Battledress Trousers

Code: 51535


An original pair of British Army 1946 Pattern Battledress trousers in excellent condition.

These trousers came into issue in 1946 to replace the 1940 (austerity) pattern trousers, although the pattern was hardly changed. The only real difference is that inside the waistband there are twice as many brace buttons as in the 1940 pattern!

The trousers look the same as wartime austerity pattern trousers from the outside featuring a large map pocket, First Field Dressing pocket and rear pocket - all with exposed buttons. There are also two buttons to the rear which attach the blouse to the trousers. All the buttons are the standard green plastic type used from 1943 onwards. 

Inside the trousers the original label is still present and states the size as No.4 which will fit a 30-31" wasit and 30 1/2" inside leg. The manufactuers name is marked as 'J. Compton, Sons & Webb Ltd' below which is the 1947 date and the War Department broad arrow marking. There is a purple issue stamp applied to the label which reads 'NOV 1947' and denotes exactly when the trousers were issued. 

As well as this the War Department acceptance stamp is also present and surmounted by the letter 'E' which denotes 1947 as the year of issue. 

When laid flat the trousers measure 15 across the waist and the inside leg measures 31".

The trousers are in great condition as can be seen from the photographs and display very well. There are a couple of extremely small moth nips and a small area of damage to the rear as show in the pictures. None of these flaws are noticable unless under very close inspection and overall they display very well. 

These trousers are ideal to fill a gap in a ww2 collection or for a re-enactor as they are identical to wartime pattern trousers from the outside.