Original 1946 Dated British 1940 Pattern Battledress Blouse - Size 18

Original 1946 Dated British 1940 Pattern Battledress Blouse - Size 18

Code: 55298


A stunning original 1946 dated British Army 1940 Pattern (Austerity) Battledress Blouse in a size 18 - The largest size produced. 

This pattern of jacket was introduced in 1942 and was issued on a large scale throughout the rest of the Second World War and into the immediate post-war period. This example is made from the standard khaki green coloured serge wool material used during this period. It is fitted with green vegetable ivory (plastic) buttons and a chromium plated metal waist belt buckle, both of which are common features to find on Battledress dating from this period. 

Inside the jacket the original label is still present and is still bright and legible. It bears the maker's name of 'Steinberg & Sons Ltd' along with the size of 18. The 1946 date is also present as is the War Department broad arrow marking. As well as this there is a War Department acceptance stamp which is surmounted by the letter 'L' which denotes 1946 as the year of issue. 

The jacket is in excellent condition as can be seen in the photographs. It is still very fresh with only no signs of wear or use that I can see. The nap of the serge is very good being thick and fluffy suggesting the jacket has not been worn or laundered. The jacket could be described as deadstock or new old stock as it really has survived extremely well. It is a vintage, pre-owned jacket however so may have small issues commensurate with age. 

A nice original battledress jacket in fantastic condition and a rare large size.