Original 1945 Dated Dispatch Riders Waterproof Trousers

Original 1945 Dated Dispatch Riders Waterproof Trousers

Code: 51605


An original pair of British Army Waterproof Over Trousers, or 'Leggings Rubber Proofed No.1a Khaki (modified)', as issued to Motorcyclists during the Second World War. 

This pattern of Leggings were introduced into service during the early part of the Second World War and were designed to be worn with the short, double breasted jacket made from the same material. They stayed in Service throughout the war unlike the jacket which was replaced with the dispatch riders overcoat and saw widespread issue with motorcyclists, dispatch riders and the ATS amongst others. 

The trousers are made from a khaki coloured rubberised canvas and feature matching integral braces. The bottom of the leg features a button section as well as a strap that fastens around the wearers foot, designed to fit closely around the wearers leg. A small flap front opening is located at the top of the trousers where a tab is placed allowing for two positions. 

Inside the trousers the original paper label is still present and states the size as No.4 which will fit someone 5' 6" - 5'8" tall. Above this is an ink stamp with the makers initials 'B.M.C' the War Department broad arrow marking and the 1945 date. This stamp is repeated a second time inside the trousers.

The leggings are in good condition with no real signs of wear and use. It is possible that they are unissued and have been stored all their life. They are somewhat stiff due to this, as they commonly are. Overall they display well but may have small issues commensurate with their vintage. 

A good original pair of waterproof leggings complete with their original label and a clear date.