Original 1945 Dated British Army Officer's Field Boots by 'John White'

Original 1945 Dated British Army Officer's Field Boots by 'John White'

Code: 54346


A good 1945 dated example of the British officers' double buckle boots made by 'John White' in a size 8L.

This pattern of boot was designed to be worn in place of ankle boots and gaiters by combining the two and was popular with officers in the Normandy Campaign and throughout the rest of the war. They are made from a brown coloured leather which has a pebbled finish. They feature a Moc-Toe which is sometimes referred to as an 'apron front'. The front of the boots fasten with laces which appear to be the originals whilst the top closes with a leather section which features two belts and buckles each. Interestingly, the original leather soles have been replaced with Itshide brand 'Commando' soles which were a popular choice during the later part of the war and into the post-war period as they were far superior to the original leather soles.

inside the boots are clearly marked with the 1945 date and size of 8L as can be seen in the photographs.

The boots are in good condition and display very well. There are some limited signs of wear and age but on the whole they appear to be strong. The reverse of the top straps is worn which is often the case but they still function as they should. Please take time to study the pictures before purchasing and bear in mind that they are a vintage. pre-owned item which may have small flaws commensurate with age. 

A good original pair of wartime officer's boots, nicely marked and in a decent size.