Original 1944 Dated 'Jerkins, Leather, No.2 Camouflaged' - Size 2

Original 1944 Dated 'Jerkins, Leather, No.2 Camouflaged' - Size 2

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An original British Army Leather Jerkin in great condition and clearly dated 1944.

The leather jerkin came into issue with the British Army during the Great War and was a popular piece of clothing in the trenches as well as out. They saw widespread issue throughout the Second World War particularly in North West Europe.

This particular jerkin dates from 1944 and is typical of wartime manufactured examples. It is of the standard design which features a four button closure, leather outer and khaki serge lining. Various panels make up the leather outer as was common at this stage of the war and introduced as an economy measure.

Inside the jerkin the original label is still present and in good condition. It is still bright and clearly legible and states the size of the jerkin as No.2 which is intended to fit a 37-43" chest over a jacket. When laid flat the jerkin measures at 22" pit to pit.

The label also features the makers name which is 'M. Belmont & Co Ltd' as well as the date 'Sept 1944'. The War Department broad arrow stamp is at the bottom of the label.

As well as the original issue label there is a WD issue stamp which is applied in black ink directly to the lining. It is surmounted with the letter Z which denotes 1945 as the year of issue.

The condition of the jerkin is extremely good as can be seen in the photographs. The leather is very supple and has a fantastic patina whilst the lining looks to be in near perfect condition. There is a very small area of stitching across the shoulder which has pulled which I have included a picture of.

All in all a very nice leather jerkin indeed. It is in great condition and has a nice clear wartime date. This would make an excellent addition to any collection.