Original 1944 Dated British Army Drill Battledress Blouse - Size 5

Original 1944 Dated British Army Drill Battledress Blouse - Size 5

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An original 1944 dated Drill Battledress Blouse in worn condition.

At first glance this jacket appears to be a standard wartime pattern Denim Battledress Blouse but is in fact the 'Drill' version - So called because it is made of cotton drill, rather than denim. These drill blouses were made throughout the Second World War alongside the Denim examples and look identical aside from the much greener material. 

The jacket is fitted with a full matched set of butterscotch coloured revolving shank buttons which are all held on with brass split rings. A wartime pattern steel waist buckle fastens the waist and is held on with green plastic buttons as was standard for late war manufacture.

Inside the original label is still present and is still legible. It bears the title of 'Overall, Blouses  Drill', the size of 5 and the manufacturer's name of 'Hipps 1931 Ltd'. The 1944 date is also present as is the War Department broad arrow marking. As well as the original label the War Department acceptance stamp is also present as us surmounted by the letter 'M' which confirms 1944 as the year of manufacture.

The jacket is designed to fit someone of a 35" - 37" chest and when laid flat measures - 

Chest - 22"
Waist - 17"
Inside arm - 18"
Outside arm - 23 1/2"
Shoulders - 18"
Length - 22 1/2"

The jacket is in worn condition with various signs of age and wear. There is a large repair to the left sleeve and some staining although the jacket is still very wearable. Overall it is a good example but the flaws have been reflected in the price. Please take time to study the pictures before purchasing and bear in mind that this is a pre-worn, vintage workwear jacket. 

A nice of a piece of British military workwear with some interesting details and of wartime manufacture.