Original 1944 Dated 1940 Pattern 30 Corps Officers Battledress Blouse

Original 1944 Dated 1940 Pattern 30 Corps Officers Battledress Blouse

Code: 51307


An original British Army Officers 1940 Pattern Battledress Blouse with 30 Corps insignia and clearly dated 1944.

This blouse has been converted by the original owner to have a faced collar. This was a popular look from 1944 onwards and is seen in many period photographs. Shoulder pads have also been added inside to give the jacket more structure which is again a typical modification found on Second World War officers battledress. All the work has clearly been professionally done to a high standard as is befitting a Captain.

Whilst clearly a genuinely badge jacket, the insignia is somewhat curious. The epaulettes feature three matching scarlet pips whilst each sleeve has a printed 30 corps divisional badge and a single red Infantry arm of service stripe. 30 Corps did not have an infantry battalion which can only mean that the original owner transferred from an infantry battalion and retained some of his infantry insignia to show that he had 'been at the sharp end'.

Inside the blouse the original label is present and states the size as No.16. The manufactures name of 'John Hammond & Co' is present as is the 1944 date and the the War Department broad arrow. It is worth noting that the jacket has been tailored and therefore may not fit as a standard size 16.

The jacket is in very good condition and display very well indeed. It clearly didn't see any excessive wear or use and may well have been a 'best' jacket. The only flaw I can find is a small area of wear above the left breast pocket although this is only noticeable on very close inspection.

A very nice late war Battledress with some interesting history. Whilst a bit of an oddity it is certainly an authentic example and would make a great addition to any collection!