Original 1943 Dated Warrant Officers Khaki Drill Tunic

Original 1943 Dated Warrant Officers Khaki Drill Tunic

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An original 'Frocks, Khaki Drill, Warrant Officers' dated February 1943 and in a rare large size.

This pattern of tunic at first glance looks to be a British Officers pattern, and is in fact almost identical. It features pleated breast pockets, lower bellows pockets, removable epaulettes and a full set of brass kings crown Royal Artillery buttons.

Inside jacket the original label is still present and in fine condition. It is still clear and bright and states the size as No.15 which will fit somebody who is around 6' tall with a 41-42" chest and up to a 37" waist.

The condition of the tunic is extremely good and it appears to have seen little, if any, wear. The cuff appears to have been let out at some point as shown in the pictures but aside from this the tunic displays very well.

Altogether a rare pattern of tunic with a clear wartime date and in a large hard to find size. This would be ideal for a collector or a re-enactor who wants original WW2 dated items.