Original 1943 Dated War Aid Battledress Trousers

Original 1943 Dated War Aid Battledress Trousers

Code: 10886


A nice original pair of American made 'War Aid' Battledress trousers dated 1943.

These trousers have been tailored by the original owner at the end of the war, as was popular with Soldiers returning to the UK. They have had both the First Field Dressing pocket removed from the right hip and the map pocket removed from the left thigh. As well as this, a section of material has been let into the inside of each leg towards the bottom to create a flare or Bell Bottom shape. This was quite common to find around V.E Day but was obviously a short lived trend!

Inside the trousers are lined with white cotton as is always the case with War Aid Battledress. On the reverse of one of the pockets is the original label which is intact and still easy to read. The label states that the trousers were made in January 1943, so a nice early example.

The trousers measure at a 30" waist so quite a small size.

The overall condition is very good with just one very small moth hole to the front right leg.

A great pair of original trousers tailored for walking out in 1945. These would doubtless compliment any collection.