Original 1942 Dated Black Watch Major's Battledress Jacket

Original 1942 Dated Black Watch Major's Battledress Jacket

Code: 53108


An original British Army 1940 Pattern Battledress Blouse which belonged to a Major of the Black Watch. 

This jacket was recently uncovered in Scotland and is an excellent, unmolested originally badge battledress blouse. The combination of the tartan flashes and the France and Germany medal ribbon means that the original owner was almost certainly in either the 1st, 5th or 7th Battalion. 

The jacket itself is an excellent example of a British made 1940 pattern blouse. This pattern was introduced in the middle of 1940 and came into issue after the withdrawal from Dunkirk. It features a lined collar, twin interior pockets and a chromium plated waist belt buckle - all typical features. Factory fitted brass buttons can be found throughout with the exception of the right breast pocket which has been replaced with a small horn example. The collar has been pressed open with the right side being tacked in place. This was often done by officers to make the jacket sit better when worn with a shirt and tie. Khaki backed major's badges are fitted to each epaulette and are set on a red backing which is a nice period detail. Khaki coloured pips were superseded in 1941 for coloured types although khaki was still used with a coloured backing in this way from time to time. The inclusion of only two medal ribbons, whilst not correct 'by the book', is typical of blouses worn at the end of the war as seen in many period photographs.

Inside the jacket the original label is still present and is bright and legible. It states the size as No. 8 and the manufacturer's name as 'Justman Ltd' who are a lesser encountered maker today. The 1942 date is also present as is the War Department broad arrow.  

The overall condition of the jacket is good with some signs of wear and use as can be seen in the pictures. It displays very well but does have small issues commensurate with age. There is wear around parts of the collar lining and some grubby marks from use. 

A very nice originally badge BD jacket which would make an excellent addition to any collection!