Original 1942 Dated 1941 Pattern Khaki Drill Shorts

Original 1942 Dated 1941 Pattern Khaki Drill Shorts

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An original pair of Indian made 1941 Pattern Khaki Drill Shorts clearly dated 1942 an in good condition.

Indian manufactured Khaki Drill items such as this saw widespread issue with British troops throughout the Second World War in the Middle East, Far East and Italy amongst other places.

This particular pair of shorts are typical of wartime Indian made shorts featuring a First Field Dressing pocket to the rear and slash pockets to each side seam. The shorts also feature a double pleated front and rear which is a feature of these British pattern Wartime items.

These shorts have been converted by having the two front straps and corresponding buckles removed. This appears to be a period conversion and has been very neatly done. A small hook and eye has been fitted to fasten the shorts in place of the original straps.

The shorts retain all of their original Indian made fly buttons which feature two ridges. These are often missing on shorts offered on the market today.

Inside the shorts a plethora of stamps can be found, most of which are typically found on Indian made KD items. The round date stamp can be found to the rear of one of the pocket bags and the date of 1942 can just be seen. There is a circular size stamp which reads '14' and denotes the size.

The shorts will fit around a 28" waist depending on desired fit and when laid flat measure -

Waist - 14"
Rise - 16"
Rear rise - 19"
Inside leg - 11"
Outside leg - 25"

The shorts are in very good condition for their age and display well. They show no signs of excessive or undue wear. Please study the pictures and bear in mind that these are a pair of pre-worn vintage shorts which are over 75 years old.

All in all a very nice pair of wartime shorts with a good clear date and in nice condition. Ideal for the collector and re-enactor alike!