Original 1942 Dated 1940 Pattern Battledress Blouse - Size 3 / 4

Original 1942 Dated 1940 Pattern Battledress Blouse - Size 3 / 4

Code: 51065


An original 1940 Pattern (austerity) Battledress blouse dating from the Second World War and in a smaller size.

This pattern of battledress jacket came into issue with the British Army during 1942 and stayed in service until the end of the war. This example is one of the 're-issued' wartime jackets as can be seen from the makers name 'R.S.D'. It features the dark chocolate coloured buttons often associated with early manufacture austerity jackets which fits in with it being a wartime re-issue.

The jacket has a pair of original lance corporal stripes stitched on to the arm which appear to be original to the jacket. There is also evidence of where other badges have been removed higher up the sleeve. This could have been ordered as part of field security or perhaps the original owner removed them to keep as mementos.

The original label is present inside the jacket and states it as being a size 4. Interestingly, there is also an ink size stamp which reads '3' which refers to size. Either way it is around this size. The issue label also bares the War Department broad arrow marking as they usually do.

There is also a War Department issue ink stamp which is surmounted by the letter 'O' which denotes 1942 as the year of manufacture. This ties in well with the buttons and condition of the jacket which could be described as well used. It is in fact, typical of battledress that has been worn in combat and is not actually seen that often It has the grubby interior and darkened down exterior only seen on these rare survivors. This could be linked to the anti vesicant process.

There are a few holes and there is a fair bit of service wear etc. This is detailed in the pictures so please take the time to study them.

All in all a very original and authentic wartime BD jacket, the type of which is not offered on the market that often.