Original 1941 Dated British Army Leather Jerkin - Size 3

Original 1941 Dated British Army Leather Jerkin - Size 3

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An original British Army Leather Jerkin clearly dated 1941 and in a size No. 3.

This pattern of leather jerkin came into issue with the British Army during the 1930s and stayed in service throughout the Second World War and well into the post-war years. This particular example dates from 1941.

The body of the jerkin is made from a mid brown coloured leather whilst the interior is lined with a khaki green wool shirting material. The original buttons are all still present which are often missing on examples found today. Inside the jerkin the original label is no longer present although the War Department acceptance stamp has survived and is surmounted by the letter 'P' which denotes 1941 as the year of issue.

When laid flat the jerkin measures - 

Chest - 23 1/2"
Shoulders - 21 1/2"
Length at rear - 32"

The jerkin is in good condition for its age with some signs of wear and use. It displays well and still appears to be strong and wearable but does have wear to the leather and a small area of stitching is missing from the right shoulder although this is strong and not liable to break. Please take time to study the pictures and bear in mind that this is a vintage item with small issues commensurate with age. 

A nice original Leather Jerkin with a good clear wartime date. This would suit a re-enactor or collector well!