Original 1941 Dated British Army 1940 Pattern Battledress Blouse

Original 1941 Dated British Army 1940 Pattern Battledress Blouse

Code: 55437


An original 1941 dated British Army 1940 pattern battledress jacket which belonged to a Sergeant of the Royal Artillery. His greatcoat is also listed separately. 

This pattern of jacket was produced between the middle of 1940 and 1942 and is the first pattern of battledress to be made for the British Army. It is made from a khaki green coloured wool serge and features pleated pockets the chest and epaulettes to the shoulders. All the buttons are stamped brass examples as are usually found on battledress items made during this period. The original owner has had the collar tailored to allow it to be worn open with a shirt and tie. This is quite a common modification to find as many soldiers did this following the regulations change in October 1944 to allow all ranks to wear a tie. Royal Artillery shoulder titles are fitted to the top of each sleeve and sergeants stripes are fitted below this. The backing of these is notably more of a bright green and has a more fluffy look to them than is usually seen. They have also been blanco white which is a common detail on period worn battledress. There is also evidence of where formation signs have previously been fitted between the shoulder titles and stripes. 

Inside the jacket the original label is still present and is legible. It bears the title 'Battledress Blouse Serge' below which is the size of 10. The maker's name and War Department broad arrow are also both present and there is a purple issue stamp which reads May 1941. This is not clear in the pictures but more is more legible in person. 

The jacket is in good condition overall and displays well. There is a hole to the rear which has been repaired and this is clearly a period repair. There are also a couple of small holes to the right epaulette as illustrated in the pictures. Please take time to study the pictures before purchasing and bear in mind that this is a vintage, pre-worn item which has small issues commensurate with age. 

A nice original wartime battledress!