Original 1940 Pattern Battledress Trousers - Large Size!

Original 1940 Pattern Battledress Trousers - Large Size!

Code: 50309


A very good original pair of 1940 Pattern trousers in great condition and in a large waist size.

These trousers are often incorrectly referred to by collectors as 1937 Pattern but are in-fact 1940 Pattern. This particular pair were made between late 1940 and early 1942 in Great Britain and would have seen Issue in North Africa, Italy and Northwest Europe amongst others.

The trousers feature the correct pressed brass buttons to secure belt loops as well as in the fly. These trousers don't feature ankle tabs and buttons but these were often removed by soldiers and some of the late 1940 Pattern trousers left the factory without them as the austerity measures seen on the 1940 (austerity) Pattern trousers were already been my implamented.

The remenants of the original label are visible on the outside of the trousers but it has sadly worn off, as is so often the case. The first field dresses my pocket located on the right hip features a revolving shanks button which is a nice feature.

The trousers are a generous size measuring at a 36" waist. A hard size to find in original Battledress trousers!

The overall condition of the trousers is very good and they display very well. There are however a few very small moth holes which can only be seen on close and inspection as well as two slightly larger ones in the map pocket. These don't detract from the trousers though as they really are hard to notice.

Overall, a lovely set of early battledress trousers in a hard to find large size!