Original 1930s British Army Ordinary Ranks Service Dress Tunic

Original 1930s British Army Ordinary Ranks Service Dress Tunic

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An original British Army Service Dress tunic dating from the 1930s, often referred to by collectors as the '1922 pattern' jacket.

This pattern of tunic is the 5th modification of the 1902/07 pattern tunic which came into service with the British Army during 1918. It is now often referred to as the '1918 pattern' although more commonly called the 1922 pattern. The jacket is typical of those produced in the 1930s with an un-lined collar and very fitted cut. 

The tunic is made from the standard khaki coloured wool serge material which has a short pile nap to it which is typical of 1930s British Army serge. The tunic is fitted with brass General Service buttons throughout and the original owner has stitched the collar down for a smart appearance. There is evidence of where collar badges have been fitted as well as shoulder titles to the epaulettes. The pattern of holes could suggest that the jacket was worn by a member of the Territorial Army. The original owner has added a small press stud to the skirt to secrure it from opening which is a nice period detail. 

The interior features khaki coloured cotton drill material which is typical of the period. A First Field Dressing pocket is located to the skirt and there is evidence of where the label was origianlly glued directly onto the reverse of the serge material (picture 10). The original owner has added his name in ink to the interior although it is difficult to decipher. 

The tunic is a smaller size which will suit around a 34" chest depending on desired fit. When laid flat it measures - 

Chest - 19"
Waist - 17"
Inside arm - 19 1/2"
Outside arm - 25 1/2"
Shoulders - 15 1/2"
Length - 27 1/2"

The overall condition of the tunic is good and it displays well. The serge has the 'wiry' feel which is typical of pre-war and early war British Serge items. There are signs of wear and use and there is heavy wear to the right armpit as illustrated in picture 5. Please take time to study the pictures before purchasing and bear in mind that this is a vintage, pre-worn item which may have small flaws commensurate with age. 

A very nice tunic from the pre-war tunic which would make an excellent addition to any British collection and would particularly suit someone interested in the BEF during the Phoney War and Battle for France.