1953 Dated British Army Denim Battledress Blouse - Size 6

1953 Dated British Army Denim Battledress Blouse - Size 6

Code: 50660


A mint un-issued original example of a British Army Denim Battledress blouse dated 1954 straight from the bale!

I have been lucky enough to acquire a few new old stock blouses from an old army surplus shop. These blouse, as can be seen from the pictures, are in unissued condition!

The blouse features a full set of removable revolving shank buttons and brass securing rings. Both these are new old stock like the blouses and in good condition. Some of the brass rings are tarnished and may show a small amount of corrosion, however, these are worn inside the jacket so never seen.

The jacket comes complete with an original Battledress buckle. Some signs of corrosion are visible but this could easily by sorted if you so wished.

Inside the original label is still intact and nice and bright. It states the blouse as a size 6 which will fit up to a 40" chest and a 35" waist. In reality it will fit larger as these blouse were designed to be worn over the standard battledress blouse. the date, 1953, is also clearly stamped in the label.

Stamped directly onto the inside pocket of the jacket is the War Department WD code which is Surmounted by the Letter 'L'. The size number is also stamped directly onto the pocket, however this is below the label rather than above.

Although post war dated, this pattern of denim blouse came into service with the British Army during the Second World War and would make an excellent substitute for the rare war dated example.

The condition really is fantastic and is without a doubt the nearest thing to a brand new jacket you will be able to find anywhere!