1947 Dated British Army Collared Shirt by ‘Kenunex’

1947 Dated British Army Collared Shirt by ‘Kenunex’

Code: 50432


An original 1947 dated 1944 pattern British Army collared shirt made by 'Kenunex'.

This pattern of shirt came into general issue in late 1945 to replace the earlier collarless shirt. British army dress regulations changed at this time to the wearing of a shirt and tie under battledress, hence the issue of these collar-attached shirt.

The original label is still present inside the shirt and is in good condition. It is interesting in as much as it has bares the logo of a company rather than the usual plain War Department label more commonly found. The label states the maker as 'Kenunex Regd', the size as 2 and the date as 1947. The original owner has also written his service number in ink across the label.

The shirt is in used condition and has clearly had quite a life! Overall it is still in good condition and could certainly be worn or displayed. It does however have a couple of period repairs which can be seen in the photographs as well as some soiling.

The original owner has also stamped his service number into the tail of the shirt which is another nice feature of this well loved shirt.

Overall, an excellent original British Army shirt from the immediate post-war years with bags of character!