1945 Dated British Army OR collared shirt - Size 4

1945 Dated British Army OR collared shirt - Size 4

Code: 50211


A beautiful example of the late World War Two issue British Army collared shirt clearly dated 1945.

This pattern of shirt came into general issue in late 1945 to replace the earlier collarless shirt. British army dress regulations changed at this time to the wearing of a shirt and tie under battledress, hence the issue of these collar-attached shirt.

The label in this shirt is bright and fresh with all the marking being very clear. The label states that the shirt is a generous size 4 made by 'W. M. & Co Ltd' during 1945. It also bares the War Department broad arrow or 'crows foot' marking.

The condition of the shirt is fantastic and I think it is unlikely that it was ever issued. The wool is soft and there are no marks, no tears and no signs of moth.

A cracking example of a collared British Army shirt in a good size and clearly dated. This truely would be hard to better!