1944 Dated Royal Army Service Corps 1940 Pattern Battledress Blosue

1944 Dated Royal Army Service Corps 1940 Pattern Battledress Blosue

Code: 50387


An incredibly original 1944 Dated Royal Army Service Corps Battledress Jacket in a generous size 13 with all original insignia.

This jacket is typical of those worn by men of the RASC during the fighting in Normandy and the subsequent advance through Europe. The blouse features printed RASC shoulder titles, felt Arm of Service stripes, corporal stripes and a marksman's badge to the lower portion of the left sleeve.

The wear on the jacket is typical of those which have survived a hard life of campaigning. The lining is sun bleached, the nap of the wool is well worn and the printed shoulder titles are fraying at the edges. All this comes together to make for an exceptionally original Battledress blouse which displays beautifully.

The tunic has also had darts added under the collar which was a common way that soldiers had their jackets altered. This pleat helps the jacket to sit much better when its worn and creates a much smarter look.

Inside the jacket the original label is still present although it is somewhat faded. The size, No.13, is still clear but sadly the date is not legible. The War Department broad arrow stamped onto the cotton twill lining of the jacket is also very faded and being legible so it is impossible to tell exactly which year the jacket was made. It is without a doubt a wartime example and has the brown buttons which are always associated with early produced 1940 Pattern (austerity) blouses produced in 1942.

Overall, a truly fantastic and original Normandy period Battledress jacket with all original insignia which would be an excellent addition to any late-war British Army collection.