1944 Dated Officers Boots By John White - Size 8

1944 Dated Officers Boots By John White - Size 8

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A good 1944 dated example of the British officers double buckle boots made by 'John White'.

This pattern of boot was designed to be worn in place of ankle boots and gaiters by combining the two and was popular with officers in the Normandy Campaign.

The boots are clearly marked 1944 and size 8 on the inside of one of the boots as can be seen in the photographs.

The leather outer of these boots is very good indeed. I gave them a coat of good quality leather feed and the responded extremely well. The leather is strong and supple and has no real tears or scuffs present.

The boots also feature their original laces! I washed these and they came up well, although do some signs of staining in some places. Not surprising considering they are over 70 years old!

The leather lining to the interior of the boots has seen better days sadly, on one boot in particular. The lining is missing in some places and is dry and flakey in others. They could possibly still be worn but I would reccmond using them for display only.

The sole on the boots is in reasonable condition for its age as can be seen in the photographs and are completely original with no signs of being altered post war.

A nice pair of officers pattern boots, nicely marked and in a decent size.