1944 Dated British Army Ammunition Boots - Size 8

1944 Dated British Army Ammunition Boots - Size 8

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A rare pair of wartime manufactured British Army Ammunition boots clearly dated 1944.

The ammunition boot came into service with the British Army in 1936 and saw extensive use throughout the Second World War as the main issue boot. War dated examples are now scarce to come by and always sought after by collectors.

The boots are made from a typical 'war grade' leather which is much thinner than post-war examples. When looking at these boots it is easy to see why soldiers complained about their boots always falling to pieces! As with all ammunition boots they feature a toe cap and 6 black painted brass eyelets.

The soles of the boots are also in extremely good condition with 14 original studs. It is also worth noting that the toe plates are original, with the correct original screws fixing them. By this point in the war the 4th screw was left out of each boot as an economy measure, making these boots a perfect untouched 1944 example.

The boots come complete with leather laces which look original to the boots. They are certainly very old and suit the boots well.

Inside the boots are clean and clearly marked 1944 and 8S. The size 8 stamp appears to have been over-stamped from a 9 which is interesting.

All in all, a fantastic example of a rare pair of wartime date boots clearly marked with all the correct factory traits of a 1944 dated pair of boots.

These would be very hard to better!