1941 Dated 1940 Pattern Battledress Trousers - large size!

1941 Dated 1940 Pattern Battledress Trousers - large size!

Code: 50367


An original and large size pair of 1941 dated 1940 pattern battledress trousers, often referred to as 1937 pattern by collectors.

This pattern of trousers came into issue after the Dunkirk evacuation in 1940 and saw use throughout all of the Second World War. They were replaced in 1942 by the 1940 (austerity) pattern trousers but continued to be issued and were commonly seen worn in Europe from D-Day onwards.

This particular pair of trousers date from 1941 which we can tell from the letter code 'P' stamped above the War Department WD stamp and broad arrow inside the waistband of the trousers.

The trousers are easily the tallest I have ever come across with a whopping 36" inside leg!! The waist measures about 35" making these an extremely good size pair of original trousers. There is the remains of where an issue label was fitted to the rear of the trousers but I don't think these were made as a regulation size as they are just to tall.

The overall condition is absolutely excellent. The trousers have clearly never been issued or worn as can be seen by how clean the waistband is inside the trousers. As well as this the serge cloth retains all of its nap giving them the slightly fluffy look they would have had when issued. There were a few small holes to the front of the trousers but I have had them professionally invisibly mended and they can now hardly be seen. There is also a small cluster of black marks to the rear of ones of the legs but this may come off with careful cleaning. Aside from this the trousers are like new!

A fantastic pair of original early war trousers in brilliant condition and an astounding size! Brilliant for a collector or tall re-enactor who wants to use original battledress!