Original WW2 Compass Magnetic Marching Mark 1

Original WW2 Compass Magnetic Marching Mark 1

Code: 10565


An original Mark I Magnetic Marching compass made by T. G. Co. Ltd and in good condition.

This pattern of compass was introduced in 1941 replacing the earlier round type. The square case is made from a black bakelite and is designed to fit into the 1937 pattern compass pouch. It features a brass D ring which a lanyard can be fitted to. The lid features a mirror and the compass itself sits into the base.

The compass still retains its original paper instructions which is a nice feature. They slot in to the mirror section as detailed in the pictures.

The reverse of the compass bares markings including the War Department broad arrow and the serial number B40536.

The compass is in nice condition and displays very well. It would make a nice addition to any WW2 display without a doubt.