Original WW2 British Round Army MT Goggles + Box

Original WW2 British Round Army MT Goggles + Box

Code: 10579


An original pair of British Army MT goggles with yellow tinted lenses as used throughout the Second World War by tank crews, Dispatch Riders, Jeep Drivers and many more.

The goggles are the round shape as issued during WW2 rather than the round teardrop shape also seen in contemporary pictures. They feature yellow tinted lenses, grey leather work, oatmeal coloured fur around the edges of the grey dyed stockinet eye pieces and a grey elasticated strap.

The goggles come complete in their original cardboard box which is in good condition for is age.

The condition of the goggles is good and they don’t seem to have seen any use. The lenses are reasonably clear showing some signs of delamination and the strap still retains a good amount of elasticity.

All in all a good original pair of WW2 British goggles that would make a good addition to a collection.