Original WW2 British Army Issue Respirator Spectacles

Original WW2 British Army Issue Respirator Spectacles

Code: 50850


An original pair of British Army issue respirator glasses originally issued to 2385922 Signalman J. H. Wells who served during the Second World War with the Royal Corps of Signals.

Wells was demobilized from the army on the 14th of May 1944 however so we know that these glasses date from before this and are therefore a genuine WW2 item.

This pattern of spectacles was specifically designed to work in conjunction with British Army respirator and featured flat sided arms to help fit under the face piece.

This particular pair of glasses come with their original case which is still in functioning condition. The inside is fairly clean with the original instructions still intact whilst the exterior is good but shows signs of wear and use.

The glasses are the standard pattern and are maker marked 'Hadley' to the reverse of the bridge. The sprung ends of the arms still function well and overall they display nicely. The only real flaw I can see is a small amount of corrosion to a corner of the frame.

Altogether a nice pair of guaranteed wartime glasses in usable condition.