Original Spectacles Tinted, MKII Protex, A.B. 0658

Original Spectacles Tinted, MKII Protex, A.B. 0658

Code: 50924


An original pair of ‘Spectacles Tinted, MKII Protex, A.B. 0658’ British military sunglasses complete with their original case.

These sunglasses closely resemble the early Second World War ‘Spectacles, Tinted, No.3’ in design and the case is a similar shape. They do not however feature the leather sides of the earlier pair and the frames have a matt finish to them.

The glasses are marked on the inside of the bridge with the word ‘Fish’, the War Department broad arrow marking and the numerals ’49’.

The original case comes with the glasses and appears in good condition. It has the details to the front which have been stated above and he glasses fit inside well.

The overall condition of both pieces seems good and they display well. This is of course a vintage pair of sunglasses and may have wear consulate with age so please study the photographs.

All in all a nice pair of original British Military spectacles.