Original British Army Issue Anti Gas Respirator Spectacles

Original British Army Issue Anti Gas Respirator Spectacles

Code: 50573


An original pair of British Army Anti Gas Respirator glasses as issued throughout the Second World War.

This pattern of spectacles was specifically designed to work in conjunction with British Army respirator and featured flat sided arms to help fit under the face piece.

This particular pair are in good condition and feature their original case. There is no owners named inside the case so perhaps they weren't issued. The case features the standard printed instructions to the inner base.

The overall condition of the glasses is good with no serious issues aside from a small amount of tarnishing to the metal frames. They currently have the original owners prescription lenses fitted but these could be changed for re-enactment purposes.

Overall a nice pair of original glasses which would be ideal for a re-enactor who wants to wear period authentic glasses or for somebody who wants the full collection of British Anti-Gas equipment.