Original WW2 Economy Royal Artillery Coloured Field Service Cap

Original WW2 Economy Royal Artillery Coloured Field Service Cap

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An original wartime economy coloured Royal Artillery Field Service cap in good condition.

These caps were popular in the inter-war period and were worn with the No.1 blues uniform as well as with the standard Service Dress uniform on special occasions. They also saw limited use throughout the Second World War and made a nice alternative headdress when 'walking out' or similar.

This example appears to be a wartime economy version and features an interesting waterproof lining which has been treated in a way to seal the backing of the cloth as seen inside the cap. The sweatband is a simple wool which also feels quite austere. The cap is fitted with a brass 'Ubique' cap badge and two brass General Service buttons to the front. Inside the cap are two labels. One reads 'Patent pending Guaranteed waterproof' and has space for the owner name and serial number. The second label is a size label which is stated as 7.

The cap is in very good condition as can be seen in the pictures. It does not appear to have seen much, if any, wear and it displays very well. There is one very small moth graze but this is only noticeable on close inspection. 

Altogether a fine wartime example with an interesting lining and label.