Original WW2 British Army Officers Cap - Middlesex Regiment

Original WW2 British Army Officers Cap - Middlesex Regiment

Code: 51182


An original British Army Officers Peaked Cap to the Middlesex Regiment and in good condition.

This cap would appear to be an early war example as the shape is typical of this period. Whilst later on in the war the 'crusher' style of cap became very popular, these stiff examples were worn in the early part of the war. The cap still retains its original wire stiffener to the crown which gives it this shape which is a nice feature.

The cap is fitted with an Officers bronzed Middlesex Regiment cap badge as well as two kings crown officers GS buttons which hold on the original leather chin strap.

Inside the cap features a deep leather sweatband which is a good sign of an early cap. It is marked 'Real leather' as is common during this period.

The cap is a smaller size which will fit around a size 6 7/8 head measuring approximately 22 1/2" around the inner circumference of the leather sweatband.

The cap is in good condition but does have a few flaws. There are two small holes to the right of the cap badge and another even smaller hole to the peak. There is some staining etc to the top of the cap but overall it displays well with the small issues not overly detracting from the cap. Please study the pictures as all the flaws are detailed.

All in all a nice early war cap which would be ideal for someone with an interest in the British Expeditionary Force or similar.